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My love of coaching women comes from 17 years of experience of coaching people in a major corporate company as a pharmacist, in management and through senior leadership roles.

Having taken a career break to have 2 wonderful children and to overcome a particularly aggressive cancer, I found that both my confidence and sense of identity had taken a knock.

I was able to use my coaching skills to successfully rebuild my confidence and it was then I had my light bulb moment.

I realised this was a fantastic opportunity to help other women who lack confidence or direction in their career or lives. As a result Confidence Coaching for Women was born.

Over the last 13 years, I have researched, studied and worked with hundreds of women.

As a leading international career and confidence coach for women and an expert in the field of women’s success, I also have appeared on Sky News, radio, worked with PR agencies, appeared regularly in the media and I’m a sought-after keynote speaker with companies such as Amazon, Ford and Lloyds Bank. 

I find it a real pleasure and privilege to witness the transformation that my clients go through and the changes they achieve in their mindset and careers as a result.

My coaching style is warm, perceptive and supportive, but yet challenging. If you’re willing to invest in yourself and are committed to change then Confidence Coaching is for you!

I can’t wait to get you started on your confidence journey.
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Good Enough

Confidence Coaching

I’m very results-focused, which means when you work with me, we agree with measurable goals and work to achieve them through a structured programme.

The programme is tailored to your specific needs and follows my 6- step process. Rather, than booking a few sessions and getting mediocre results, my programmes are intensive and enable you to get amazing results.

Good Enough

Have you had some career success but struggle with self-doubts?
Are you frustrated with your career progress or want to have a greater impact and credibility at work?
If so, this is an essential guide for you.
It’s available in the shop on this website and also from Waterstones and Amazon.
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What My Clients Say

The programme has EXCEEDED my expectations. I expected tips and strategies but what it’s also given me is a total CHANGE of MINDSET. I’m calmer, braver and curious rather than stressed or intimidated. I’m optimistic that these changes will stay with me, thank you
Susannah, Newcastle


Mia was struggling with self-esteem in her new job having had her confidence knocked in her previous company. She felt intimidated by both colleagues and managers and wasn’t able to assert herself or deliver to her high standards.

Relationships with her colleagues are now greatly improved and she’s had positive feedback from her boss.

Hi Jo, I want to say thank you for your support in improving my confidence at work, with techniques to deal with situations where I let my self-doubts get the better of me. In the short time working with you I’ve learnt how to speak out in group meetings, get my point across so I’m heard and how to react to different personality types. I’ve noticed real results with the techniques you gave me and I’m well on my journey to becoming more assertive. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Mia, London

Louise had returned to work after a 10-year career break to look after her children. As a professional, she had kept her knowledge up to date but returning part-time she felt out of place in the office and unsure of her abilities.

Despite her experience, she compared herself negatively to colleagues and her new boss and felt unable to contribute to team meetings.

She has now regained her confidence at work and has accepted she’s a highly valued member of the team

Jo supported me when I struggled on returning to work. Her calm and supportive coaching style created a safe place where I could share my deep self-doubts and learn not to take everything personally. She has a knack of asking the right question at the right time and I felt my confidence growing during and as a result of our sessions.

Louise, London

Susan was in a very low place as the things she wanted to achieve in life weren’t happening and she was stuck not knowing how to move forward and where to start. As you can read in her testimonial, everything has changed now.

I wanted to mention a special life coach I worked within the UK at a very challenging and life-changing time in my life when I felt very alone and confused. She helped me break down all of my frustrations worries and decisions and help me understand who I was. I am now in a position where everything we spoke about in my life plan is all starting to fall in to place with little stress and a bit of luck, but I know deep down it was all the tools Jo gave me to manage my expectations. I can’t recommend her enough and she’s an inspiration to all women.

Susan, Bishop’s Stortford

Sarah had always felt ‘invisible’ in life and unable to fit in at school or in groups. Her creative career was now taking off and she wanted to be able to ‘put herself out there’ and feel confident about talking to people without constantly doubting herself and her image.

Despite previous support, I still suffered from anxiety and depression. Jo helped me understand that I had a choice to control my feelings and not let them control me. I’m now much more positive and relaxed and trust myself.

Emma, North London

Emma has struggled with anxiety and mild depression for years. Accepting this was part of her and that she did have some control along with coping strategies has enabled her to feel positive about life again.

Despite previous support, I still suffered from anxiety and depression. Jo helped me understand that I had a choice to control my feelings and not let them control me. I’m now much more positive and relaxed and trust myself.

Emma, North London