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Coaching is a ‘conversation’ between us that is supported by exercises and strategies to enable you to grow your capabilities and confidence.
As your coach, I see my role as supporter, thought interrupter, mentor and accountability buddy. As a result, you’ll achieve mindset changes enabling you to feel happy, valued and fulfilled.

Is Confidence Coaching Right for You?


I work with women who struggle to put themselves first and are held back by behaviours and a mindset that aren’t helping them.

They may find it difficult to speak up and deal with uncomfortable situations or doubt their abilities, but all of them are fed up with being hard on themselves and battling to feel good enough.

If you’re committed to change and prepared to work at it then I’d love to share a journey of discovery with you.


My clients achieve fantastic results, such as:
• I feel free from worrying what others are thinking about me and I can be my authentic self
• I’ve gained the confidence to say NO or to disagree with even the most intimidating people
• Instead of feeling stressed and life is a battle I feel more content and relaxed
• I recognise the good things about me and I’m learning to value them
• Ruminating and overthinking were the biggest things affecting my confidence and I’ve now got strategies to overcome them
• I believe in my value and know that I’m not broken and don’t need fixing

Do you want to take the 1st step on your Confidence Journey?

Then book a free call with me, and once we’ve identified your confidence challenges I’ll share with you a plan to overcome them
unlock your potential

Coaching Programmes

3-month Confidence Transformation Programme

This is my most popular programme and has enabled all my clients to achieve amazing results!
The goal-based programme involves working through agreed modules that are tailored to your needs and applying your new strategies and mindset to your day to day life.

The 1-month Confidence Intensive

This programme is designed for women who have a specific issue they want to change in a short period of time. For example; Perfectionism, Social Anxiety or Imposter Syndrome.