Cancer Help

Cancer Help

From the moment you are diagnosed with cancer your whole life changes and your focus is on the journey to getting well again. At this time having someone independent to listen to your concerns and help you move forward can be an enormous help.

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Four years ago I was diagnosed with a ‘complete molar’ pregnancy which developed into a cancerous tumour. This is when the placenta of the foetus overgrows and in rare cases further develops to a malignant tumour which can aggressively spread to other parts of the body. After weekly chemotherapy for 6 months I was clear, however it took a long time to return to full physical and psychological health.

Throughout my journey I used my coaching skills to remain focused on small and long term goals, this was as important after my treatment finished as much as during it. As a result I can empathise and understand the emotions you will be going through or have gone through during you’re journey and I have a passion to help women through this difficult time.

Whatever stage you or a friend or family member are at I can support you through cancer by focusing on the future. Helping you to find short and long term steps through your journey and helping you to stay positive whilst getting the best help and support offered.

As this is such a stressful time in many ways for clients, on this particular programme my fees are negotiable.

To learn more about my Cancer Care programme please click to contact me.

Cancer Help

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