For 2015 don’t be afraid to “Put Yourself Out There”


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Hi  Welcome to the 16th Confidence for Coaching Newsletter In this months newsletter, the first of the year, you can read about:

  • Are you scared of “Putting Yourself Out There” in 2015?
  • 4 Things To Let Go Of For The New Year
  • My New Career Change Programme for 2015
  • Quote of the Month

Are you scared to ‘Put Yourself Out There” in 2015?

I can still remember the excitement and anxiety I felt when I coached my first paying client. I knew all the theory and had practiced on many willing guinea pigs but the fear of “putting myself out there†was still very strong. Which was actually quite ironic, as I was a starting a business as a confidence coach.The point is though that . . They’re no longer just your thoughts and ideas but a part of you that you’ve made public instead.It’s this fear of criticism or rejection that prevents people from having the confidence to “put themselves out there”. As a result many great ideas and opinions never get seen.

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4 Things To Let Go Of This Year

Every year at this time there are articles and blogs about New Years resolutions. Whether you should have them or not, how many is too many and how easy it is to fail at them. Like many other people I enjoy the idea of the fresh possibilities a new year brings, however this tends to fade as I get to mid January. The short days, credit card bills and cold weather mean my great plans to; cutdown on wine, shout less at the children and declutter the bedrooms, feel just that bit too difficult.

So this year I’ve decided to look at these resolutions in a new way. Instead of focusing on the goals I want to achieve, I’m going to focus on what I can let go of and see if that’s any easier.

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My Favourite Quote of the Month

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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For 2015 don’t be afraid to “Put Yourself Out There”

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