The Truth About Why You Behave Like You Do

Do you ever wonder why it is that some people love parties and others get anxious at the idea of them? Or why your partner loves an organised and tidy house, but you are okay with a bit of mess? Well, you can find out ‘why you behave like you do’ using a simple test.


The Meyers-Briggs test is a well-known personality test that’s used by a lot of corporate companies. It’s based on Carl Jung’s Four Colour Energies and was developed by the mother and daughter partnership of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Meyer


I use the test with a lot of my clients

It not only helps you understand more about ‘why you behave like you do’ and your personality the way you behave but is helpful in understanding others too.

On the test, I came out as an ‘Entertainer’ ESFP and after reading the description I could definitely see some of my character traits. Things like; being people and feelings focused and not planning past the now and short-term pleasures.

Then there were other bits I couldn’t totally see in myself though, such as; being utterly social and all the world is my stage??!!

So it’s worth acknowledging that we all have the different elements in our personality and that some are stronger than others.

The use of 4 letters can be confusing, so here’s a simple explanation of the 4 types of preferences

  • People and things (Extraversion or “E”), or ideas and information (Introversion or “I”).
  • Facts and reality (Sensing or “S”), or possibilities and potential (Intuition or “N”).
  • Logic and truth (Thinking or “T”), or values and relationships (Feeling or “F”).
  • A lifestyle that is well-structured (Judgment or “J”), or one that goes with the flow (Perception or “P”).


Would you like to take the test yourself?

Then you can do it for free at

Once you’ve got your result you can then learn about how this relates to your strengths and weaknesses, career, romantic relationships, friendships and workplace habits.

Enjoy learning about yourself, but remember you don’t have to believe or agree with it all.

I’d love to know what you come out as and whether it fits with your picture of yourself. Do comment below or send me a quick email about how you get on.



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