12 Things You Never Knew About Life Coaches

shutterstock_233690200Have you ever wondered what a Life Coach does?

My colleague Life Coach Carol Ann Rice has put together 12 great  points to  explain it to you.

12 Things You Never Knew About Life Coaches;

  1. We don’t give advice. We coach people to find their own answers in a way that feels right for them.
  2. We don’t wave our magic wands to make your life better. We come from the position that you have your own powerful wand and we help show you how to use it. Ping!
  3. We look at all areas of your life as each factor of our beings is connected. For example if a client wanted support because they lucked out on promotion again we would look at what they feel is the issue as well as check out confidence, self esteem, health, diet, social life/home life, fitness levels, communication skills and their beliefs – all areas relate in some way to how a client is “being”.
  4. Coaches are not counsellors nor therapists. We don’t spend hours hawking over the past to find out where all the pain is and where it came from. We work with the client in the here and right now and then together co-create an exciting, compelling future for the individual. We form a strategy to get them to that specific goal and look at who you would have to be and what might need to change to get there.
  5. We can be a hand to hold as you take the baby steps or challenging cheerleaders always there to teleport you out of the comfort zone.
  6. Unlike family and friends we don’t have an agenda. Our job is to get you to where you want to be on your terms.
  7. It’s usual for people to find that for the first time they can speak their truth and find their own life purpose working with a coach. It can be hugely liberating and exciting to find that clarity at last.
  8. Well-trained coaches have walked the talk and have lived, experienced and worked through the entire core coaching principles themselves in order to coach with authenticity, integrity and excellence.
  9. We are committed to helping you grow your self-awareness, reach your potential and thus giving yourself options in life. No more excuses, fear or procrastination to deal with.
  10. Life coaches seriously improve your life on all levels. But beware as your self esteem grows so does your confidence. Doors open, opportunity knocks. No more people pleasing and user/abuser pals suddenly seem like bad company you no longer have time for. Life, at last, feels and looks good.
  11. Clients feel equipped to deal with many things they previously hid from.
  12. Many clients who see the limitless potential of the coaching profession choose to become a coach themselves

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