How a ‘Worry Period’ can reduce your anxiety

shutterstock_177799484How a ‘Worry Period’ can reduce your anxiety

Worrying is a natural and normal part of everyday life, however if you are a chronic worrier, you will find your mind is constantly racing. Even if you try to ignore the thoughts, distract yourself or be positive they often stay in your head. You may also notice a rapid heart beat, a feeling of nausea and the need to run away. This is anxiety building as you continue to worry.

One tip I reccomend to help you deal with this, is to use a ‘Worry Period’. This is a short period of time at the same time each day (not close to bedtime) when you allow yourself to worry about whatever is on your mind.

You restrict worrying to this time only and if an anxious thought appears earlier in the day, accept the worry and write it down to explore later. Then you will be able to carry on your day without building your anxiety levels.

Use the ‘Worry Period’ to reflect on your worry list. The items may now seem unimportant or as you focus on them with a clearer mind, you could be able to resolve the issue.

Postponing worries to a later time, doesn’t get rid of them but does break the habit of racing thoughts which stops your anxiety building.



How a ‘Worry Period’ can reduce your anxiety

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