How To Overcome Perfectionism And Start Accepting Yourself

Are you someone who works really hard to ensure every detail on a project is ‘right’? Do you hate making a mistake and see it as a failure? Maybe you procrastinate about starting a task in case it’s too difficult and you can’t do it perfectly?




These are some of the traits of perfectionism and most are founded in judgement.


We all have our own set of rules and standards that we expect not just ourselves but sometimes others to adhere to.


When we decide that we haven’t reached the required standard (usually an impossible 100%) out will come the judge and jury and we’ll be found guilty of making mistakes and not being good enough.


This harsh self-judgement results in us trying to control external factors over which we have little or no control. In fact, as a result, those factors get to control us instead!


No wonder we feel stressed, anxious and that our enjoyment and fulfilment of life is limited.


It is possible to free yourself from the rules and unrealistic expectations that drive your perfectionism


Try  these 3 steps to help ease the perfectionist pressure (and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work perfectly!)




Drop the judgement – rather than your perfectionist traits being something ‘wrong’ with you. Focus on how they have given you the drive and motivation to achieve all you have.


Use this drive to empower you to continue achieving, but without the limitation of rules and standards. Be curious about what success you might have.




Be authentic – take the spotlight off being perfect and instead turn it on to being you. What do you value, what would success mean to you, what does a ‘better but not perfect you’ look like?




Stop judging others – When we are harsh judges of ourselves we generally are tough on others too. Look at others with curiosity and compassion instead and you’ll find you naturally see yourself in the same way.


By losing the judgement and having curiosity and compassion instead, life feels less of a battle.


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Wishing you courage and confidence.




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