3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Need For Approval

Quote-Eleanor-RooseveltWanting people to accept and approve of you is a normal human reaction as it makes us feel secure and part of the tribe.

I sometimes make decisions or choices to avoid criticism or disapproval, rather than because it’s the best thing for me. I also can avoid speaking up if I think other’s won’t agree with me.

If you are constantly people pleasing like this you maybe missing out on opportunities in life and not showing yourself there expect you deserve.

A need for approval tends to affect our lives in 3 different ways:

  1. You procrastinate and avoid making difficult decisions, resulting in a feeling of anxiety and constant worry
  2. You don’t say no to others and are rushing around working hard with no me time
  3. You lack motivation and are stuck in a rut because you aren’t sure what is important to you and what makes you happy

So how can you let go of the need for approval?

  1. Start being aware of when you are making decisions or taking actions based on others approval. Challenge yourself as to why you are doing this and whether you could do it differently
  2. Develop self-approval. Record the achievements you make, the things you’re proud of and your positive strengths. Congratulate yourself when you show the confidence to keep to your beliefs
  3. Develop self-awareness. Be curious about what drives you, makes you happy and you’re passionately interested in. It’s these core values that drive your decisions and behaviours and tell you when you’re being true to yourself

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