Should you be ‘Satisficing’?

In today’s society most women could be described as striving for perfection physically and in their careers, families and homes. American author Deborah Spar, in her new book Wonder Women: Sex, Power And The Quest For Perfectionism, says we should be ‘satisficing’ instead. Her word, which is a combination of satisfactory and suffice, is another way of saying ‘good enough is good enough’.

So why do women insist on pushing themselves to do everything to 100%? What would happen if you chose not to do overtime, not to ferry your kids to every after school club, not to worry about those extra pounds you weigh? Would your friends and family no longer approve of you or love you, or would you feel empowered and relaxed? Instead of trying to be the best mum, top career woman, sexy model wife and have a magazine style home, why not accept that you’ve done your bit and that is good enough.

Enjoy satisficing!


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