The 6 Myths About Confident People



When I talk to women about confidence there are certain myths that often get asked about. How many of them do you believe?

Myth 1 – You Either Have confidence Or You Don’t

Fact – Confidence isn’t black or white, it comes on a gradual scale with most of us sitting around the middle. It also varies according to the situation you’re in. Some people are very confident about their abilities at work, but struggle in social situations. Others feel safe and confident amongst family and friends , but the culture at work fills them with self-doubt.

Myth 2 – You Are Born With Or Without Confidence

Fact – Yes your genes do have an affect on your levels of confidence, however your upbringing and experiences also affect them. The other factor which is of equal importance is your choice. This means whether you choose to take risks to build your confidence or choose to stay in your comfort zone as self-confidence can be learnt and developed.

Myth 3 – All Introverts Lack Confidence

Fact – Being an introvert means you prefer to re-energise your batteries by spending time alone not that you necessarily lack confidence or are shy. Extroverts can lack confidence just as much although, their louder personality may make it more difficult to spot.

Myth 4 – You Have To Be confident To Be Successful

Fact – Many successful people are confident at what they do, but that doesn’t mean they’re confident at everything. People who lack confidence can be equally successful by hard work and natural abilities and so develop their self-worth.

Myth 5 – Highly Confident People Are Arrogant

Fact – Highly confident people don’t need to be the centre of attention or to boast about their achievements as they are happy with themselves and don’t need reassurance from others. Those people that brag and shout loudest are often struggling with their own insecurities and self-doubt.

Myth 6 – Confident People Don’t Have Self-Doubts

Fact – This isn’t true, insecurities are a natural part of everyone’s life and confident people also have doubts about themselves and their abilities.The difference is they will take action anyway.

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The 6 Myths About Confident People

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