From Self-Doubt To Confidence

shutterstock_199455878I’m dull, I’m fat, I’m anxious, I’m stupid, I’m invisible, I can’t cope. These are the type of words we use when we struggle with self-doubt.

The perspective through which we see ourselves and the world, is being tarnished by our own low self-esteem. This means that we often experience situations as being negative towards us.

For example we may still carry beliefs that we picked up as a child even though they are almost always untrue. Perhaps you were told you weren’t as academic as your sister and now believe you’re stupid, or the taunts about puppy fat mean you think you can never love your body.

If we allow our view of ourselves to be affected by past experiences or these negative beliefs, the world can seem a scary and frustrating place. This adds to our self-doubt and limits what we dare to achieve and our ability to be happy and fulfilled.

So how do we move from self-doubt to confidence?

  1. Challenge those beliefs. Think about where you could have picked up that belief about yourself and the world and ask yourself if it’s absolutely true?
  2. The only approval you need is from yourself. Don’t try to change yourself to gain others approval, instead focus on what you like about yourself and what you’d like to change.
  3. Don’t engage with negative thoughts. These are the thoughts that come from your self-doubt and result in you not trying new things. Instead of being drawn into worrying and analysing them, observe them and let them go. It’s not possible to observe your thoughts and feelings and to hold onto them, so you’ll find they pass by.
  4. Be Brave. Confidence is all about taking action on the thoughts and ideas you have, without being put off by your doubts.

When you can see yourself and how the world sees you from a kinder perspective, you have started the move from self-doubt to confidence.

Good luck.

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