How To Confidently Ask For More Money Or A Promotion

shutterstock_successful womanIt’s constantly in the press about the gender pay gap and how as women we’re making great achievements in our careers but not always being equally paid for it.

One of the reasons given for this is that as women we are less likely than men to put ourselves forward for promotions or negotiate for higher salaries.

So what is stopping us from being able to confidently ask for what we want and get it (most of the time)?

One of the explainations is down to our culture and upbringing; often women learn that to be self-serving isn’t ‘nice’ or ‘polite’ and therefore it feels very uncomfortable.

Another reason is for women it’s difficult to get the balance between being passive and aggressive, if you don’t negotiate you’re being too feminine and earn less and if you do negotiate, you’re too aggressive and maybe disliked.

When it comes to applying for promotions research has shown that women are biologically different from men in having the confidence to take a risk.

This was demonstrated when a group of volunteers were shown a job description for a role which would be a promotion and asked if they would apply. The men were confident to apply if they believed they could deliver 60% of the job description however for women they had to be nearly 100% sure before they would consider it.

Whether you want to influence your boss, convince an interviewer or your potential clients. Having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and being able to confidently phrase your request is important.

People will interpret the way you communicate as a measure of your confidence and self-belief and use this to determine whether to agree to your request or not.

Here are some of my confidence tips to help you ask for more money or a promotion confidently:

  1. Do your research – if you’re going to negotiate a pay rise or a starting salary, ensure you know your market value
  2. Step out of your comfort zone – If you find it difficult to take a risk, build your confidence first with small challenges and remember, if you do nothing, nothing will change.
  3. Use assertive language – this means sticking to the facts, using ‘I’ statements and asking clearly for what you would like. e.g. “There is a new role being advertised in marketing, I believe I’m ready to make that move and I would like your support to apply.”
  4. Avoid apologizing and softening your request – Being polite is important but using phrases such as “if you don’t mind” or “would it be okay if I asked you…” dilute your request and your confidence
  5. Don’t feel guilty – asking for something you want whilst still showing the other party respect is not selfish, instead it shows you value yourself
  6. Get clarity on a negative response – if you don’t get the agreement you were looking for, rather than reacting negatively ask for some clarity. Using a phrase such as “I’d like to understand the reasons for your decision?” or “Can you give me some specific feedback on how I can become ready for that position?”

Good luck and do let me know how you get on!

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