What If Confidence Isn’t The Problem?



What If Confidence Isn’t The Problem?


That may sound a strange comment coming from a confidence coach. But imagine,  if it wasn’t that you lacked confidence it was just that you thought you did.


Sounds confusing I know.

What I actually mean is, it isn’t the situation that makes us lack confidence it’s our thinking about it, that’s the cause.


That’s why when you’re about to do a presentation or attend an important meeting, it’s not the event that is making you nervous but your thinking about it.


If you could turn off or ignore that worrying, confidence wouldn’t be such a big issue. The calmer your mind, the more you behave authentically and at you best.


It sounds easy, but as I’m sure you know when you get into that downward worry spiral, it’s very difficult to get out.


So here are some of my tips to help:


  • Be conscious of when your worrying has been triggered
  • Choose not to believe or engage with your worry thoughts. They’re not helpful and won’t give you a solution
  • Distract yourself with
    • Calm thoughts
    • By physically moving
    • Music
    • Other activities
  • Make sure you have a confident body language (open and taking up space)
  • Practice Mindfulness


Most of all, remember it’s not the external world that’s creating your insecurities it’s just your thoughts and they will pass.


I’ve got more ideas in my free guide to ‘6 Ways To Stop Worrying What Others Think


Good luck



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