The Power of “I Am…”

“I am”, these two very simple words have the power to impact on you and your confidence.



Whenever you use the words “I am..” or ‘I’m not…” you are labelling yourself. We love to label ourselves, others and things as it gives us clarity in a confusing world.


Be careful though, that by defining yourself with these two words you’re not limiting your reality and your potential.


For example, due to my regular accidents with cars, phones and wine glasses. I will tend to say about myself “I am clumsy”. But am I really? Or do I lack concentration in certain situations?


By labelling myself as clumsy I avoid doing certain tasks and restrict my abilities.


It can be very hard to differentiate between what you say about yourself and what is true.


To avoid this you need to be able to differentiate between conditional and unconditional labels.


Unconditional labels

These are truths about us that are unconditionally true. Such as “I am a mother” or “I am a teacher”. They define us and are helpful to use.


They can sometimes feel uncomfortable when used to describe a positive.


To some people saying “I am an entrepreneur” or “I am a writer” is difficult, as they’re not sure they’re worthy of it. But it’s important to accept and acknowledge your identity as a step to a strong self-worth.


Conditional labels

These are labels we put on ourselves that aren’t always true, like my “I am clumsy”.   They’re usually negative labels and are often driven by our insecurities. For example “I am fat” or “I am unhappy’ or “I am lazy”.


They may have some truth in them, but they are a state you’re in at a particular time rather than a definition of you.


Instead, try using “I’m feeling unhappy at the moment” or “Today I’m too lazy to do it”. It’s a small difference in words but a huge difference in the effect on your mindset.


My advice is to use unconditional “I am” more frequently and to be aware of and avoid the conditional “I am”. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make to your confidence.


Good luck



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