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Confidence is our Natural State

Confidence is our Natural State

confidenceIf you feel that you are low in self-confidence, then it’s likely that you believe you’ve always been that way. You may know that other factors will have influenced your confidence level, such as your parents, school, friends and society, but that’s just the way you are.

I want to reassure you however that this belief is wrong. Our natural state is to have confidence and to be okay with ourselves. You don’t see many babies showing a fear of failure or being self-critical.

It isn’t until you have experiences in your life and probably start to assume things from the way other people speak or behave, that you start to doubt yourself. Then you may become self-critical and the spiral continues leaving you with low self-confidence.

So next time you find yourself being self critical and doubting your  achievements, try reflecting that in your natural state you wouldn’t feel like this and it’s your experiences that have led to your low level of confidence. It can feel like a positive release to your worries.

Good luck.

Confidence is our Natural State

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