8 Signs You Need A Career Coach

Are you happy at work?

Is your job just a job or is it a career?

Are you feeling stuck with no idea how to get out of your rut?


Career Coach


Then perhaps you need a push to step up and feel valued and recognised. Or some clarity on where you want to go in the long-term.

Whatever your reason is, having an objective expert support you can get you amazing results.

How do you know if you would benefit from a Career Coach?

Here are 8 signs you need some support in your career:


  1. You’re Unhappy At Work – This might sound obvious but if you’re dissatisfied at work it’s clear something needs to change. The negative effect of not feeling valued or fulfilled at work spreads into other areas of your life until everything feels wrong. A report by Deloitte says that 80% of people don’t enjoy their job. If that’s you isn’t it time to make a change? It could be changing your mindset and behaviours at work or looking for a new position.
  2. You’re Invisible Or Overlooked – In today’s workplace, it’s important to not only work hard and deliver well but also to be visible and demonstrate your confidence. If you feel your opinion and ideas are ignored and new opportunities pass you by, then you need a career coach to improve your impact.
  3. You’d Like To Get A Pay Rise But Are Scared To Ask – Perhaps you feel that the responsibilities you have and the potential you’ve shown mean you deserve an increased reward. Knowing how to prepare for and have that conversation is very important. So don’t risk failing by talking to a career coach first.
  4. You’re Not Progressing In Your Career – Do you feel your career advancement has stalled or there’s no opportunity to progress? You know you could do better but aren’t sure how to change. An expert Career Coach can help you get clarity on the barriers to your career taking off and help you develop strategies to get there.
  5. Self-doubt And Lack Of confidence Are Holding You Back – We all have that inner critical voice that holds us back. Yours maybe telling you “Who are you to think you can do that role?” Or “Don’t speak up you’ll sound stupid”. Questioning your abilities is one of the most common factors to hold people back in their career. Take your first proactive step by talking to a Career Coach.
  6. You Know This Job Isn’t Right But Don’t Know What Else To Do – Wanting to change career but having no idea what to do can be very frustrating. If your head is spinning with so many thoughts and ideas that you can’t move forward, then you need someone to help you get clarity. A Career Coach can use exercises and coaching skills to build a picture of your ideal career and then help you build a plan to achieve it.
  7. You’ve Identified Your Dream Career But Not How to Get There – Does your ideal career feel unachievable? Then work with a Career Coach to develop the steps you need to take to get there. Or to incorporate your passion into your life in other ways.
  8. You’re About To Start A New Job And Want To Make A Big Impact – The first few weeks when you start a new role are your honeymoon period. You have the opportunity to ask questions and identify the expectations of you. Don’t miss this valuable period by jumping in at the deep end and trying to make an immediate big impression. A Career Coach can talk you through the most effective way to start a new role.


Have you resonated with any of these signs?

Then have a serious think about working with a Career Coach. Investing in yourself at this point will reap huge rewards in the longer term.

Wishing You Courage and Confidence





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