What You Can Learn From An Olympian – (5 characteristics worth copying)

Olympic winnersSince the start of the Rio games I’ve been glued to the Olympics and watched the fantastic performances of GB rowers, cyclists, athletes and gymnasts.

It has made me wonder what it is about these medal winners that gives them the determination and resilience to achieve so much?

If we could copy these characteristics then what more could we achieve in our own lives?

The characteristics of these olympians are certainly worth copying to help you achieve a new level of success in your life

  1. Love what you do. Olympians have a passion for their sport which enables them to make the sacrifices that are necessary for success
  2. Commit to your goal. When you choose a goal, your commitment to that dream needs to be strong enough to keep you motivated even when when you feel burnt out
  3. Be open to support. If you are open-minded to being coached, to asking for support and taking help, your chances of success are much higher
  4. Don’t fear failure. The greatest barrier to success is a fear of failure. When you accept that you are okay whatever happens, you free yourself to achieve more
  5. Have someone or something to be accountable to. You are less likely to give up, if you would be letting someone else down by doing so

Good luck and I hope hope you award yourself a gold medal!!


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