Confidence is Contagious

Confidence is Contagious

shutterstock_202826398Vince Lombardi (a successful american football coach) said:

“Confidence is contagious and so is lack of confidence”

In general we are attracted to those people who we believe to be confident, particularly as someone who is confident is often described as charismatic. One reason for this could be that being around a confident or charismatic person is likely to make us feel more confident.

So if you have  a particular behaviour or goal you want to develop your self-assurance in, then a good first step is to find a role model who is already demonstrating it. Spend some time with this person and let their confidence rub off on you.

The converse of this is also true. If you spend a lot of your time around people who lack confidence you will find that your own low confidence levels will be  reinforced. This mutual behaviour of staying in your comfort zone and not taking any risks can feel safe and secure but doesn’t allow you to move forward and achieve your goals.

This doesn’t mean you should drop your less confident friends and only be around more successful people. It is important though to be aware of those friends and colleagues you spend most time with and how they affect your confidence. Then you can keep a good balance between positive and negative effects.

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Confidence is Contagious

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