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Take the First Step to Building Your Confidence 

As a Confidence Coach you can appreciate that I regularly hear people saying “I‘m just not a confident person” or “I have always had low self-confidence issues“. However these are very general statements and just because you’ve felt lacking in confidence in one situation doesn’t mean that your confidence levels are always low.

  1. Keep a journal for a week and write down all the situations where you feel lacking in confidence
  2. Score each situation as to how strongly you felt from 0 to 10 (0 means no confidence and 10 means very confident)
  3. Then write down what you could have said or done that would have made you feel stronger in that situation
  4. At the end of the week review your journal and identify if there is a pattern to the situations that result in you lacking confidence
  5. Repeat the exercise until you have a clear understanding of the situations and triggers for your low confidence

Now you can make more specific statements such as “I’m not confident in x situations” or “I lack confidence when I have to ….”. Which gives you clarity on what you need to focus on to build your confidence. So why not take the first step to building your confidence?

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This Months RecommendationsQuote –  “ Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend you do and at some point you will.”   Venus Williams Self Help Book – ‘How the World Sees You’ Sally Hogshead. Be fascinated by this eye opener of a book Article – 7 truths women have to learn the hard way
Reframing negative experiences

Everyone has situations and interactions, which they feel negatively about. What if you could change your view of an event and so lose the bad feelings? This technique is known as ‘reframing’.

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