Self Acceptance Step 2 – Be Kind to Yourself

Self Acceptance Step 2 – Be Kind to Yourself


Following on from my last blog Step 1, Knowing Yourself, I hope you have a clearer understanding of exactly who you are.

Step 2 is about being kind to yourself. I find that a lot of my clients have created a lot of standards and rules for themselves. As a result when they don’t achieve these standards and rules they are very hard on themselves.

I ask them if they would speak to their friends or children this way? If not then why would you treat yourself so harshly?

So I suggest that you make a pledge, that for the rest of the day you will not criticise yourself and will treat yourself with genuine kindness.

My next blog is Self acceptance – step 3 – Accepting yourself as you are

Self Acceptance  Step 2 – Be Kind to Yourself

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