How To Overcome Rejection

Overcome Rejection

Even the word rejection feels hard and hurtful and it triggers in me thoughts about “not being good enough”.

Not being clever enough, pretty enough, thin enough, kind enough or funny enough, they all feel painful.

Being rejected can be a bad experience whether it’s personally or professionally as no one wants to be snubbed or told No.

These rejections are often part of our learning process and lead to a more suitable future opportunity. But when you’re suffering the hurt of a recent rejection, how can you cope and overcome your not good enough thoughts?

ONE – Don’t Overthink It

By reliving the experience and the uncomfortable feelings constantly you are keeping the memory alive in reality and will be unable to let it go. Analyse it to find any lessons you can learn then change your focus to more positive events.

TWO – Forgive Yourself

Blaming yourself and listening to your inner critic will only make you feel worse. So accept responsibility for anything you may have done wrong and then let it go

Three – Forgive The Other Person

This may sound very tricky but rejection is a natural process and you will have rejected people in your time. think back to those experiences and try to empathise with the other person. Remember that forgiving someone allows you to let go of your pain it doesn’t mean you always condone another’s behaviour

Four – It’s Not Always About You

You may never know the reason for your rejection however it is often not to do with you personally but about circumstances or the other person. So accept this and be comfortable with not knowing

Five – Have The Confidence To Try Again

You may think that there’s no point in trying again as you’ll only get the same outcome. However the quickest way to rebuild your confidence is to step out of your comfort zone again and show everyone that you trust and value yourself

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 How To overcome Rejection

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