Why Willpower Isn’t Enough To Break Your Wine Or Chocolate Habit

Woman tasting red wineLike me, many of my friends find the call of the 8pm wine glass very difficult to refuse. It’s that moment when the kids maybe in bed and you can at last start to relax for the evening.

Whether it’s the wine or chocolate o’clock that tempts you, the first sip or bite can feel fabulous, you notice yourself unwind and your mood lifts.

But is it really the wine or chocolate that is creating this mood change? What if the good feelings just came and weren’t actually linked to the treat you’ve given yourself?

As children whenever we feel sad, uncomfortable or unhappy we are comforted by our parents and the bad feelings are sent away. We learn that happy feelings are good but bad ones must be got rid of.

It’s no wonder then as adults, whenever we feel off we look for a way to make ourselves happier. This can be food, drink, drugs, love etc, rather than accepting that it’s okay and normal to feel down at times and that it will get better.

Relying on willpower to try and limit or stop your wine and chocolate habits is not sustainable in the long term. Willpower is a limited resource, it can be thought of as a muscle that with continuous use becomes tired. So it is difficult to keep on resisting temptation using willpower alone.

When you start to see that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, sad or any other bad feeling and that you don’t need wine or chocolate to make you feel better, then the need for your treat is less important and it’s easier to use willpower to avoid it.

This may sound simple to do, however I know from personal experience that when you’re tempted, a glass of wine still can feel like the answer.

Remember that learning to be aware and accept your feelings, even when they aren’t easy, is part of growing as a person and builds your self-esteem and confidence.

Start with one small step at a time and don’t be hard on yourself if you slip.

Good luck and enjoy


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Why Willpower Isn’t Enough To Break Your Wine Or Chocolate Habit

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