Having A Really Bad Day? Try These Ideas

shutterstock_268385165Everyone has bad days when nothing seems to go right and all your carefully laid plans go wrong, but what can you do when you have a truly dreadful day and you can’t stop the negative thoughts buzzing round your head?

You might feel like just crawling into bed and hiding there with your worries, however this is just going to pull you down further into a negative spiral of unhappiness. Instead why not try some of these activities, they won’t make your problems disappear but you will feel better and that enables you to problem solve more easily.

1. Play some lively music. Get your good endorphins going by dancing

2. Give yourself a manicure. By concentrating on the detail it will take your mind off your issues

3. Talk to a friend or family member. Sharing a problem helps, but then try another action to stop yourself ruminating

4. Go out and visit a place where you have felt happy before.

5. Let yourself cry. Feeling the sad emotions and letting them go will be a great release

6. Distract yourself. Read a book, catch up on your favourite boxset

7. Avoid Facebook. Seeing other peoples happy lives when you’re down is not helpful

8. Do something physical. Whatever exercise you like from pilates to running or just a walk will boost those good endorphins again

Not every day can be a good one and hopefully these tips will help make your bad day slightly better.

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Having A Really Bad Day? Try These Ideas

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