The 5 Love Languages

Relationship ProblemsThe 5 Love Languages

Have you ever felt like you and your partner are not communicating in the same language? Well that could be exactly the case. There are 5 different love languages that men and women use, so no wonder you maybe confused. It is also true that people often choose a partner who expresses love in a different language to them.

‘The 5 Love Languages’ according to Dr Gary Chapman are;

  1. Tactile. The giving and/or receiving of physical affection
  2. Acts of Service. Showing love through favors, jobs or doing things for the loved one
  3. Quality Time. Sharing time doing things together or talking
  4. Gifts. By giving presents or physical tokens of affection
  5. Words. Expressing the feelings of affection and love verbally

So next time you feel your partner never tells you they love you, then maybe you should check they aren’t saying it in a different language!

 The 5 Love Languages

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