My 6 Qualities of Successful Women

karren-brady-pa_1I recently read an article about Karen Brady (Baroness, Business woman and Sir Alan Sugars right hand woman) in which she talked about career advice and how to be a successful woman.


The key career tip that stood out to me was Be confident in who you are and what you can do.


This got me thinking about what are the qualities we need to be a successful woman?


I came up with the following  is there any you would add?


  • Know what success means – For me this is the most important quality. Success to some women may mean a career or money or fame and to others means a happy, balanced life or a combination of the two. So be clear on what success means to you and don’t be influenced by other peoples definition


  • Passion – Successful women, what ever they are successful at, have a deep passion for their goals. Achieving success requires commitment and motivation,  and loving what you do is necessary to maintain that


  • Self-Acceptance – A successful woman knows that she can’t be perfect and accepts her weaknesses as well as celebrating her strengths


  • Self-Confidence – As Karen Brady said this is about believing in your abilities to achieve your goals, as well as believing in your value in the world. As a result a successful woman is prepared to speak up for herself and have her voice heard


  • Resilience – Behind every success there are stories of setbacks and tough times. A successful woman will refocus on her goals and get up again and again, believing in herself and her abilities


  • Compassion – This doesn’t just refer to compassion for those around you, but more importantly showing yourself compassion. Treating yourself with kindness, understanding and forgiveness are essential to be being happy and succesful


What do you think? Have you got all the qualities to be successful at your personal goals?


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