4 Things I’m Letting Go Of This New Year

shutterstock_351315566Every year at this time there are articles and blogs about New Years resolutions. Whether you should have them or not, how many is too many and how easy it is to fail at them.

Like many other people I enjoy the idea of the fresh possibilities a new year brings, however this tends to fade as I get to mid January. The short days, credit card bills and cold weather mean my great plans to; cutdown on wine, shout less at the children and declutter the bedrooms, feel just that bit too difficult.

So this year I’ve decided to look at these resolutions in a new way. Instead of focusing on the goals I want to achieve, I’m going to focus on what I can let go of and see if that’s any easier.

  1. I’m going to let go of the word ‘Should’ and instead replace it with the word ‘Could’. I believe it’s a softer word and it feels full of choices. For example; I should stop drinking during the week, sounds harsh and difficult to achieve. Whereas I could cut down my drinking to feel healthier, have more energy and money, feels like I have choices and I’m talking to myself as an adult.
  2. I’m also going to let go of producing the disaster movies that I sometimes run in my mind. This is my ‘what if’ thinking and if I allow it I can imagine the most outlandish endings to a situation. For example I’m  running a Confidence and Nutrition Workshop in January and if I start to worry and ‘what if’ think about it, I can imagine only a couple of people arriving, forgetting my words, attendees complaining etc etc. By the end of it I would be a nervous wreck. So instead in 2016 I’m going to stop myself going down that spiral and avoid extra anxiety and stress
  3. Being my own worst critic is another behaviour I’m going to let go of. Going over my past mistakes or my perceived current shortcomings is tiring and has no purpose except to make me feel worse. So I’m going to give myself a break and accept that I’m uniquely imperfect.
  4. Finally I’m going to let go of my age. For those that know me, they will have heard me moan about creeping nearer to 50. So instead I’m going to let go of the number and my perception of what it means. Then I can just enjoy the year and the partying!

What are you going to let go of in 2016?

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Wishing you a very Happy New Year


4 Things I’m Letting Go Of This New Year

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