Keep Confident At Christmas

shutterstock_166872725 - Xmas stressFor most people Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be a stressful time when expectations of enjoyment are very high and the responsibility of getting it right can fall on you.

Adverts showing beautifully set tables with mountains of food and happy families puts on pressure and the neighbours Las Vegas style light display can be enough to give anyone self-doubts.

Add on social media where everyone seems to be at fabulous parties or posting pictures of argument free family get togethers and it’s not surprising if we get twinges of “is my Xmas good enough?”

So this year I’d like to make a few suggestions on how to keep confident and accept that the way you do christmas is definitely “good enough”.

  • Think back to last year, where were the pressure points that caused you to feel stressed or doubt what you were doing? Have a plan in place to avoid a repeat.
  • Get help and accept help. It’s okay to ask for help, you don’t have to do everything yourself and it makes people feel better about themselves if you allow them to join in.
  • Others happiness is not your responsibility. You can have the most beautifully prepared Christmas and your guests not enjoy it. That is their responsibility and choice, you can’t worry about what you can’t control.
  • Avoid comparisons. Turn off social media for the Christmas period and be present in your life instead. We only ever see the window dressing of others lives, so who knows what is really going on.
  • Be around positive people. If your family days are quite draining emotionally or you feel on edge all the time. Make sure you book time with positive people afterwards to recharge your batteries.
  • Be your own best friend. You are the one person who can make yourself feel truly okay, so think about what your best friend would say to you and be really compassionate to yourself.

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Have a great Christmas


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