4 Techniques to Help Perfectionists Enjoy Xmas

shutterstock_166872725 - Xmas stress4 Techniques to Help Perfectionists Enjoy Xmas

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • I must buy the perfect Xmas tree and decorate it perfectly with all lights and decorations evenly space
  • I must decorate the house perfectly inside and out with a traditional with modern touch theme and a balanced look
  • I must clean the house top to toe before Xmas and woe betide anyone who messes it up!
  • I must buy the perfect gift for everyone on my list plus spare and wrap them neatly and artistically
  • I must cook and prepare the perfect turkey and xmas meal, with a few new ideas for side dishes and no lumps in the gravy
  • I must ensure that everyone is having a great time, no one feels left out and there must be no conflict
  • Having got as near as possible to all this I will be exhausted, resentful and won’t have enjoyed xmas but to anyone who thanks me, I will just say “It was nothing, anyone could have done it”!

If that sounds at all like you then for this year you need to try these 4 techniques to help perfectionists enjoy xmas. Set yourself free to positively take part in Xmas but also share the workload.

  1. Believe that ‘Good enough’ really is ‘Good enough’ and that to achieve the extra 20% to get perfection is not worth the pain and makes no difference to how they feel about you
  2. Not everything has to be home made, no one will notice or care if you buy the bread sauce or cheat with supermarket gravy. do what ever you need to stay sane and enjoy the day
  3. Ask for help. Guests love to bring something to add to the meal, it makes them feel more involved. When help is offered, have a list of things ready to suggest that your comfortable for others to do. Such as pouring drinks, carving the turkey or handing out canapés. It isn’t a one person job
  4. Accept praise. When a guest leaves and gives you positive feedback on the great job you’ve done, then just say “Thank you” and believe they mean it

Have a fabulous but not quite perfect Xmas and let me know how the techniques work for you, by commenting below.

If you’d like more help with your perfectionist behaviours please contact me.



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