The Confidence Lesson I Learnt From My Daughter


My 14 year old daughter Holly was invited last year to be a member of the Youth Climbing Academy. She’s only been climbing for 18 months so this was an exciting and big surprise.


In the last few weeks she’s been attending competitions. Being the youngest in her age group and a lot less experienced has meant she’s usually towards the bottom of the results league.



As I’ve watched her struggling with the climbs which range from tricky to launches that not even Spiderman could make! I’ve prepared myself for the meltdowns, the tears and demands to leave or not return to training.


You might think I’m going to say that none of that happened, but to be realistic, of course it did.


We had tears over the blisters and cuts on her palms, the upset and disappointment at not being able to ‘top’ a wall after 5 tries.


The amazing thing was though, that after a few minutes of feeling down she bounced back and off she’d go again.


For 3 hours at a time she’d persevere and keep pushing herself. Watching others to see how to navigate a wall. Going out of her comfort zone to try harder and harder routes.


Over the past few weeks her determination has definitely paid off as she slowly moves up the results table.


What Was The Confidence Lesson I learnt From Her?


Apart from being very proud of the person she’s growing into, as any parent is. I saw how her determination, resilience and willingness to take risks enabled her to improve.


She didn’t worry what others thought or ruminate for long periods on what she was doing wrong or if she was good enough.


The times when she was frustrated and annoyed were short lived and fresh thinking would takeover, allowing her to go again.


As I sit writing this in the cafe of the climbing wall, for her third training session this week. I can’t help thinking that If we all learnt this confidence lesson. and started replicating these behaviours. Dropping the self-doubt and self-consciousness that holds us back. Then we could have the confidence to climb the walls in our lives or career that seem so scary now.


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Wishing you courage and confidence

Jo x





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