4 Strategies To Build Your Confidence On A Bad Day


Thursday was a bad day for me.


Bad day


Firstly, Albie our Cocker Spaniel saw the postman before me as we left the house. His lead slipped out of my hand and he charged after the man with what sounded like an intention to kill. It was probably a bad day for the postman too!


Then I lost or had stolen, my purse complete with cash, cards, driving license etc at the supermarket (it’s still not been found).


As a result my stressful thinking meant I was late for parents evening and felt like a rubbish mother who was incapable of doing the simplest of things.


When like me, you’re having a bad day, doubting yourself or your insecurities are rampaging, It can be difficult to take action or make decisions.


We all get these low experiences, it’s part of human nature.


So how can you lift yourself back up and have the confidence to move forward?


Well, here are 4 strategies I recommend to help you:

  1. Accept That It’s Okay To NOT Be Okay Sometimes. Tough, unfair things and mistakes do happen in life. There are times when we all feel grief, shame, guilt and failure. Accept that these are human emotions and that it’s okay to feel not okay, it’s okay to feel low and it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Then treat yourself with compassion knowing that at some point these bad feelings will start to pass.
  2. Take One Tiny Step Forward. You don’t have to make a huge change to start feeling more confident or to overcome your self-doubt. You just need to decide on one tiny positive step and that will begin the shift. Whether it’s writing down your positive achievements, deciding to stop talking negatively about yourself or asking for help. Just one small step at a time will build to a big change.
  3. Keep Present In Today. Assuming that this bad day will mean the rest of your life will be rubbish is untrue and unhelpful. Looking further ahead than the current moment can feel scary and overwhelming when your mood is low. If you can focus on this day or this minute rather than what’s happened in the past or might happen in the future. You will allow your worry to reduce and your mind to clear.
  4. Be Okay With Not Knowing What Others Think. If your self-doubt is driven by worrying about how others maybe judging you or why they’ve said or behaved in a certain way. Then you’re allowing others to control how you feel. Instead accept that you’ll never know exactly what anyone else is thinking and the confident thing to do is assume their thoughts are positive.


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