6 Things Confident People Don’t Do!

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I’ve written many articles with tips about how to improve your confidence, so in this blog I’m focusing on what confident people DON’T do.

It’s helpful to understand the negative behaviours they avoid doing so you can learn how to alter yours if you choose to. Remember though, a person with high confidence levels is fallible like all of us and despite their self-belief they don’t always get things right.

  1. They don’t compare themselves to others. As confident people are happy with what they have in life they are genuinely please for other people’s achievements
  2. They don’t judge or criticise. The have no need to boost their self-esteem by judging or criticising others. This means they see no benefit in negatively commenting on other people’s behaviours
  3. They don’t worry what others think of them. Confident people have a high self-belief and know that they are okay. As a result they do what they think is right and don’t worry about other people’s approval
  4. They don’t focus on the past or the future. By living in the present rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past they are able to fully enjoy the moment
  5. They don’t need other people’s validation. A confident person trusts their own opinions and decisions so doesn’t need to ask anyone for validation. They may like to have other’s opinions but in the end they go with their own judgement
  6. They don’t ruminate or overthink. Confident people know that overthinking and repeatedly analysing a problem just leads to confusion and anxiety. Instead they try to keep their mind clear and distract themselves with other activities

Which of these behaviours do you do and which do you avoid?

If you would like to work on becoming more confident, I suggest you focus on one of the points above and start to build your awareness of which situations you demonstrate it in and how you feel when you do it. By understanding the circumstances and feelings that trigger the behaviour you will be able to challenge yourself to avoid it.

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6 Things Confident People Don’t Do!

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