How To Stop Caring What Others Think

Insets_selfDoubtDo you find yourself worrying about whether your friends and family approve of your decisions or whether colleagues at work talk about you behind your back? Perhaps you even care about what strangers think about you and the way you look?

It’s a natural behaviour because as humans we all want to fit in and be accepted, it makes us feel secure. The problem comes when you let this need for approval or validation take over as it will knock your confidence, stop you taking action and limit your opportunities.

If this is you then there are 2 key facts that I’d like you to be aware of:

  1. Most of the time most people aren’t thinking about you

Just as we spend most of our time focused on ourselves and our life so do other people. A study by the National Science Foundation claims people have on average 50,000 thoughts a day this means that unless you do something that directly has a major effect on them, people are unlikely to spend many of those thoughts on you.

2.  You can’t please everyone

No matter how well you behave towards others there will always be people who judge you. This is because everyone seems the world through their own particular filter which has developed from their experiences of life. So whatever you do or say they will see it in a different way to you.

Even if someone does judge you, it’s most likely that you will never know it as generally people won’t tell you or react. So rather than assuming the worst just accept you can’t please everyone and you’ll won’t always know if you have

I hope these facts will help you to worry less about what others think and instead focus on living up to the values that are important to you.

For more information on how I can help you to overcome this work please contact me and make sure you’ve got a copy of my free Top 10 Confidence Tips

Good luck



How To Stop Caring What Others Think

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