How To Have Career Success Even If Your Introverted Or Shy

Do you like to reflect and think through an opinion before giving it?


Do you feel uncomfortable speaking up in work meetings as you don’t want the focus on you?


introverted or shy


These are characteristics of someone who is introverted or shy, but they don’t stop you being a very successful leader.


You may feel nervous in front of a large team meeting or have to push yourself into dealing with a conflict situation, but you’ve been given your leadership role for a reason.


It might be that you really know your stuff, that you collaborate really well or manage projects successfully. Don’t let the fact your natural personality is different  from others hold you back.


What Strategies Can Help You Demonstrate Your Leadership Abilities?


  1. Take Time Out – There are times when you’ll need to show you have the passion and enthusiasm to lead a team. This might require you to turn up the dial of your energy and personality so, make sure you have time before and after to recharge by being alone
  2. Have 1:1 Meetings – Being an introverted or shy personality means you’re more suited to individual meetings where you can build good rapport. Your comfortable relationship with each team member will then carry over into larger team meetings
  3. Get a mentor or role model – In many organisations the ‘loud and proud’ leadership style is most prevalent but not necessarily the best. Look out for the quieter confidence of some leaders and use them as a role model or mentor
  4. Play To Your Strengths – Introverts and people who are shy come with other strengths to add to a team, such as; self-awareness, collaboration and creative thinking. Use your strengths to demonstrate your leadership style
  5. Be Authentic – These suggestions don’t mean you shouldn’t speak up or be assertive and directive.  Just do them in your own style rather than trying to fake the traditional stereotype of a leader.


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