Do You Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First?

shutterstock_344165996I’m sure you’ve heard and perhaps half paid attention to the flight attendants safety talk when you fly out on holiday. The one particular phrase that always stands out to me is “Parents make sure to fit your own oxygen mask before helping your children”.

I love this phrase and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a very sensible, as you’d be no help to your small child if you lost consciousness whilst trying to fit theirs.

It’s also a great reminder for life in general that you have to take care of yourself and put yourself first at times, to ensure you are fully available to help others.

If you continually put yourself at the bottom of the list you may burn out or become resentful of not having the time and energy for you. This can lead to a depressing effect on your self-esteem and self-worth as you’re giving yourself the message that your less important than other people.

So while it’s easy to feel guilty about taking time out or putting your needs first, it is also essential to the healthy state of your family, business or team at work.

What does this actually mean in practical terms?

For me it means fitting in time for exercise, meeting friends to talk things through or just for some light hearted fun and ensuring I have some control over the tv remote control!

For you it maybe more about saying no to people or things when you feel overwhelmed, or eating healthily or leaving the office at a reasonable time.

Whatever your personal oxygen mask keep reminding yourself that it’s for everyone’s benefit if you put it on first!

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Do You Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First?

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