Self-Acceptance Step 3 -Accepting Yourself as You Are

Self-Acceptance Step 3 – Accepting Yourself as You Are 

In my last blog Being Kind to Yourself I challenged you to stop criticising yourself and to be kind to yourself for a day, how did that go? In this post I will be focusing on loving and accepting yourself as you are. rather than waiting until you’ve lost weight, met the perfect partner or made lots of money.shutterstock_52065151

Like most  people you can probably list the things you don’t like about yourself much easier than the things you  love about yourself. However when you regularly reject these parts, you become scared of being rejected by others. This results in you being less assertive and focused on pleasing others rather than yourself.

To help you start to accept yourself as you are try this exercise:

  1. Make a list of things you like about your body, your personality and your achievements
  2. Make a list of the things about yourself you are finding hard to accept
  3. Then imagine you love the things about yourself you’ve listed in number 2. How would your life be easier and better as a result? What would you have to change to feel like that?

Good luck and please leave me a comment about how you’re getting on with these steps.

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Self-Acceptance Step 3, Accepting Yourself as You Are 

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