3 Ways Women Sabotage Themselves At Work

Before I talk about the ways in which women sabotage themselves at work. I want to make it clear that there are multiple reasons why women are held back in their career. Their own mindset is only one of them.




It’s also true that of all the clients I have worked with across the world, I’ve yet to find one who doesn’t self-sabotage in some way.


Your personal challenges may be subtle or more substantial but they will be having an impact on your career success.


From my work with clients and the research that I’ve done. I have identified the 3 most common ways in which women sabotage their career potential.


Do you resonate with any of them?


  • Striving for perfection – When we strive for perfection we are setting ourselves up to fail and because failure is one of our biggest fears, it can lead to procrastination. Whether it’s delivering a report to a perfect level or not speaking up because you aren’t 100% sure you’re right. Perfection is a mirage so let it go.

My tip is: to strive instead for excellence, which means outstanding or very good and is far more realistic than perfection


  • Fear of being a bragger – if you expect to be recognised for your hard work and delivery alone I’m afraid it’s going to be very unlikely. These days you also need to demonstrate confidence, impact and visibility as well. That means sharing your successes both internally with your seniors and peers and also externally in the industry.


My tip is: find an authentic and comfortable way to talk about your successes. This could be sharing your learning from a success collaboratively with colleagues and your boss. Or sharing team wins and your role in it on social media.


  • Not taking a risk – Research has shown that women are more risk-averse than men. We need to be nearly 100% sure before we decide to take a risk. Whether it’s the decision to apply for a promotion or volunteer for a project, don’t let your self-doubts mean you miss out on opportunities.


My tip is: when your mind is spinning with self-doubts and indecision, that isn’t the time to make a decision. Instead, wait until your mind is clear and calm and listen to your own intuition/wisdom/wellbeing and you’ll know what to do.


I have helped hundreds of women overcome the sabotage habits that hold them back and I’d love to share some strategies with you.


You can book a free Career Breakthrough call with me where we’ll identify 3 steps you can make that will have a huge impact on your career. You can go straight to my online calendar at www.speakwithjo.com and book your call now.


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