Beach Body Confidence

Beach Body Confidence

Make a Positive Start to SummerIt’s that time of year again when wearing your shorts, bikini and swimsuit, mean that more flesh than usual is on display. Being body confident means accepting that you’re ‘good enough’ whatever your shape and size. A little extra boost can help though, so read on.

Research, including that of Amy Cuddy of Harvard University, has shown that women who display a confident body language increase their attractiveness to both sexes. Which means that even if , like the rest of us, you don’t have the perfect bikini body,  your confidence can make you stand out on the beach.

The great news is you can learn how to be beach confident by using a technique called the ‘Beach Walk’ ;

  • Start by standing with your feet hip width apart
  • Stand tall by lifting your shoulder blades up and back (no slouching or trying to hide your difficult areas)
  • Let your hands hang loose by your sides (remember you need to still feel yourself in this walk, just a more confident version of yourself!)
  • Raise your chin up so you are looking straight ahead
  • Smile
  • Sing in your head a summer power tune and then walk as if you own that beach

You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you begin to feel with practise. People will notice you on the beach and it’s your smile and style that they’ll be watching.

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Beach Body Confidence

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