6 Questions To Achieve Your Confidence Goals This September



Every September I get these cravings to buy new pens, paper and pencil case.

My love of stationary is part of the reason, but it’s also about the feeling from school days that September is the start of a brand new year. Or as a business friend of mine said, “September is the new January”.

Even if your well passed your school years, this time of year is a great opportunity to refocus or refresh on any goals you have.

Perhaps you’re hoping for:

  • an improved work/life balance
  • the confidence to go for a new job or pay rise
  • a healthier lifestyle
  • to let go of anxiety


What ever the changes are you’d like to make, try asking yourself these question to get the motivation to move forward:


  1. If I wasn’t afraid of the outcome what would I do right now?
  2. If I could wave a magic wand which, took me to the outcome I want, what would it really look like?
  3. What do I believe about myself or the world that is holding me back? Are these really true?
  4. What strengths do I have that will help me achieve this?
  5. What support could I use to help me achieve this?
  6. If I knew I would achieve my goal, what is the first step I’d take?


Take some time out for yourself to explore these questions. Many of my clients find it helpful to write down their thoughts.

Once you’ve got ideas flowing, you’ll hopefully start to feel excited and reinvigorated again. Ready to take your first step to build your confidence and achieve your goals.


But if not, you can always go out and buy some new stationary!

Good luck



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