5 Ways Clutter Is Affecting Your Life

shutterstock_238067917Are you one of those people who hates to leave the house with dishes unwashed or clutter lying around? Do you find yourself constantly picking up after others and feeling stressed when cupboards are overflowing?

You may think that’s a sign you’re a perfectionist or perhaps on your way to developing OCD, however Karen Kingston in her book ‘Clear your clutter with Feng Shui’ explains why we feel so impacted by disorder in our home environment.

If your looking for inspiration to get rid of a lot of your old stuff then think about these 5 ways clutter is affecting your life:

  1. It makes you tired and lethargic. Clutter is stagnant energy which can make you feel lethargic, a good clear out will release that energy to increase your vitality
  2. It can keep you in the past. Having reminders of your past memories can be a lovely thing. Too many reminders can keep you stuck there though and so unable to take on new opportunities or go out of your comfort zone
  3. It can add to weight issues. Research has shown that those who live in cluttered houses are often overweight. As you start to look after your surroundings then you are more likely to look after yourself
  4. It can make you procrastinate. The presence of clutter and the feeling that you ‘should’ get rid of it can lead to procrastination in other areas of your life
  5. It increases stress levels. Research by UCLA found that womens stress levels peaked when they had to deal with physical clutter. This is due to their senses becoming overwhelmed, causing stress and an inability to think clearly. Just making small changes to the amount of clutter can dramatically reduce this stress

If this has motivated you to have a clear out in some areas of your life, then why not try this tip to make a small step towards a decluttered environment:

Set up a small junk drawer for items that you’re not sure whether to get rid of or not. Ensure that you only use it sparingly and clear it out regularly. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to then discard things and how good it makes you feel.

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