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Christmas happens every year and yet it is often rated 6th in surveys of the most stressful events in life. If you are a perfectionist it can be a nightmare. You may expect to buy the best presents, cook the best food, create the most fun and ensure everyone is happy.

So for this year at Christmas KISS  ‘Keep It Simple‘, set yourself realistic standards and use these tips to ensure you enjoy it:

  • Don’t take too much on. You don’t have to do everything, let others help with dinner or, provide entertainment. Make sure you build in some downtime and aren’t constantly socialising or entertaining.
  • You aren’t responsible for everyone’s happiness. If members of the family argue or don’t join in or your Mum doesn’t like the way you cooked the pudding, that is their responsibility and not yours. You have provided the Christmas surroundings, it’s up to each person if they have a good time.
  • ‘Good enough is good enough’. You don’t need to light up the whole street with your Christmas decorations or have a gourmet buffet prepared at all times. Save time and money by ‘Keeping it Simple‘ and consider giving some of either to charity instead.
  • Get some fresh air. Not only will this help burn off the extra calories but will also refresh everyone’s mood.
  • Think back to last year. What was it that made Christmas great? Was it the most expensive present or the excess of gourmet food? It’s more likely to have been the company, the festive spirit and the smiles on faces.

So this time KISS at Christmas and have a Confident New Year.


Christmas KISS


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