5 Tips To Learn Self Acceptance

shutterstock_162343259 -Believe in yourselfI often read in self development articles how important it is to accept myself as I am, with all my weaknesses and strengths. I understand that all of us are flawed and that’s what we have in common as well as what makes us unique. Reading this however is the easy part, actually learning to believe it and live it can be more difficult.

As I’ve become older I’ve learnt not to be scared of showing the real me.  Whether that’s accepting myself physically or forgiving myself for mistakes I’ve made. As a result of this journey and of working with my clients to achieve self acceptance, I’ve learnt some tips which I’d like to share with you:

  1. Remind yourself of your good qualities. What do you physically like about yourself or what do your friends say they like about you?
  2. Tell yourself “I am enough”. Stop the self-talk that tells you you’re not attractive enough, not smart enough or strong enough and replace it with new beliefs such as:
    1. I deserve to be happy
    2. I am enough just as I am
    3. I am just as valuable as everyone else
  3. Stop trying to be perfect. This follows on from number 2 and is about not striving to achieve high expectations of yourself that can only lead to failure. Instead set realistic goals which are a challenging and achievable
  4. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes whether it’s missing out on a great opportunity because you were scared, not speaking up for yourself when you wanted to, or doing something you’re not proud of. Feeling angry and blaming yourself won’t help, instead try forgiving yourself and resolve to do better next time
  5. Respect yourself. This is about valuing yourself and thinking for yourself. Trusting your intuition, forming your own opinions and not following others or comparing to others

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5 Tips To Learn Self Acceptance

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