Where does Happiness come from?

shutterstock_156766394 smiley plateWhere does Happiness come from?

I have a problem with the word ‘Happiness’, it means such different things to different people and is therefore very hard to describe. Also happiness tends to be very illusive it comes and it goes and it comes and goes again. Whatever you do to make yourself happy it will still come and go, so maybe we should a word more personal to ourselves? perhaps excitement or contentment, energised or peaceful?

Another interesting thing about happiness is where it comes from. Recent scientific research has shown that 50% of our happiness levels are pre-determined by our DNa, so we’re stuck with it. Only 10% of our happiness levels come from the things we spend our time and energy on. These are our job, our family, material things and even our health. The remaining 40% is achieved by how we choose to see the world and our attitude to life’s events. Which explains how some people are more resilient than others and can be happy despite misfortune.

It also suggests that if we want to calm our restless and dissatisfied mind then we need to focus more on our emotions and feelings. This would give us the greatest chance of being truly happy (or another word for it!)


Where does Happiness come from?

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