The One Behaviour That Will Kill Your Fear Of Failure

Behind any person’s lack of confidence is a FEAR of some form. A fear that wants to keep you small and to stop you stepping out of your comfort zone.



Fear of Failure


It could be a fear of failure, a fear of being judged or a fear of losing control. Whatever your fear is it wants you to stay stuck. It wants you to think about all of your mistakes and the skills you don’t think you have. So it can stop your confidence from growing.


The antidote to fear is action. Movement. Once you move forward, proceed, engage, fear loses its grip on you. It tries really hard to hold on, grasping and clutching at you as you start to shift, making you scared and uncomfortable.


You need the courage to take that step.


Courage moves you out of a paralysed fear state, into action. And it’s action that builds your confidence more than anything else.


We build our confidence by taking small steps consistently that move us toward the best version of ourselves. That inch us closer to what we know to be true, not what we worry others will think. Steps that help us move into our power. And we need the courage to get ourselves into gear. Here are some steps you can take to support your confidence journey.


What are the situations that suck the confidence right out of you?


Is it speaking up in a meeting filled with senior managers?


Perhaps it’s giving a presentation in front of your boss, or your boss’s boss. Maybe it’s being unprepared in a project review. Not having all the facts on hand for a client. For some women, they are full of confidence at work, but when they drop their kid off at the school gate the other mums are enough to drain all of their confidence and make them feel unsure of themselves.


It can be anything, but most of us have a few main triggers that impact us more than anything else. Work out what they are, and how to counter them. Do you lack confidence giving a presentation?


Work with someone to improve your mindset and skills. Being unprepared? Schedule time in advance so you have space to get up to speed. Afraid of speaking in front of senior managers? Work out what sits under that fear so you can address it. Triggers are small things that cause major havoc. Start here. You may need to tap into your courage to look at what’s really going on.


Think about your life or career for a moment


If there was one thing you really wanted to do, what would it be? If you knew you could take one courageous step toward that goal, what would your next right action be?


Write out a list of 10 small steps, actions that will move you forward and commit to taking one small courageous step. Taking an action is enough to build our confidence and propel us forward.


It’s what we do every day, not what we do sometimes, that matters and changes our lives. Get to really know yourself, your triggers and what lifts you up. Remember that it’s the small things done with courage and consistently, that will make all the difference.


What small step to kill your fear will you take today?


If that small step is to get support then do book a Career Breakthrough Call with me today at . We’ll get real clarity on your fears and I’ll share a personalised plan with you to take action.


Jo x

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