A Client’s Story In Her Own Words

My fabulous clients put in real commitment to make huge changes in their careers and lives and as a result achieve amazing results.

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Today I wanted to share with you (with her permission) a client’s story which I find inspiring and I’m sure you will too.


Amanda is a senior manager in the NHS, working in 2 different roles along with managing family life.


Like many of us she had achieved career success but still expected herself to be better, to achieve even more and not to struggle with worry or stress.


Amanda’s Story:


“I was overwhelmed by work pressure and feeling out of control. I felt I was failing in one of my jobs, and was trying to decide if I should just leave, and though happy in the other role spent many out of hours time worrying about the work.


I came to coaching with an aim to decide whether to leave one job, and ended with a whole new perspective.


Jo gave me increased confidence but more importantly my sense of self. She helped me practice kindness to myself when things were tough which meant I approached the challenges calmly and objectively and performed more effectively.


She also helped me think more clearly about what I want. We worked together to help me to go after my long term goals and I achieved such change in the 3 months. I’m not leaving either job immediately but am making plans for a new and exciting project in research.


Its been 3 months since I finished the programme and I continue to see the results daily.  I am more confident and put myself in more challenging situations, but also have stopped needing to be ‘perfect’ and ask for help when I need it.


Because of Jo I am presenting at my professional conference, I have just had my appraisal and got ‘excellent’ across all areas, and I am driving change.


Most importantly my anxiety around work is considerably reduced, my work life balance is better because I don’t spend time out of work worrying and I’m taking better care of myself


I found the programme structure really constructive – Jo helped me evaluate the areas I wanted to change and made gradual steps over the three months towards this.


I found the weekly calls gave me a chance to reflect and review work, and with Jo I was able to see my work behaviours more clearly – the ones that were useful and the ones that were not!


It helped setting specific goals, but the programme was flexible enough to adapt to change and different priorities along the way.


Three words that describes Jo’s coaching style:  Empathetic, proactive, creative.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo to any woman who wants to make change at work.  Be it simply making work more enjoyable or if you want to go after big dreams.


I am in no doubt I wouldn’t have made such progress this year without Jo’s coaching.”


A fabulous story I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s amazing how a few key insights into your career and mindset can change everything in such a short time.


If you’d like to make big change in your career mindset and performance or work/life balance do get in touch. You can book a free call at www.speakwithjo.com


Wishing you confidence and courage.


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