5 Things To Make Your Christmas Less Stress-mas

Christmas is getting close now and can you feel your blood pressure rising and your chest tightening?


It’s that time of year when we’re filled with holiday cheer but also a dose of arrangement anxiety and turkey tension.


How can you ensure you enjoy the festivities without a rollercoaster of last minute preparation and family feuds?



Here are 5 things you don’t have to worry about this Christmas:


  1. Pre-preparing – Let go of control. We can control a lot less in life than we think we can. Relinquish the need to plan life to the finest detail and therefore setting yourself up for upset when reality and relatives don’t live up. Relax and enjoy, what ever happens you’ve got it!
  2. Turkey tension – Do you fear failure? We all fail. No one has a 100% success rate. It’s about living and trying things, experiencing life, being your potential, taking a risk, having a go and learning. Do you only play to win? What if it was a learning curve that guaranteed a life well lived?
  3. People pleasing – yes we all want to give generously and make others happy. But when your focus is on trying to gain acceptance and strive for compliments you put your power in the hands of others. Be your own validator.
  4. Not having enough – we have a lot more than we need but we always want more.  Try to develop an abundance mindset. In the big picture no one ever says; “if only I’d got that Mulberry handbag, life would have been so much better” Or maybe you do!
  5. Looking good – None of us is happy with the shape we are in. Big bum, bad skin, sagging jaw, lumpy nose, hair in places we never imagined it could grow we’re all insecure about something.  Accept yourself and focus on being healthy.  One day you’ll look back and wished you looked like you do now.


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Wishing you a stress free Xmas and a confident 2019



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