Are You Afraid Of Success?

How would you answer the question: “Are you a success in life?”


I know many people who would say that they are not successful; at least they have not reached success in the areas that feel important to them. I have been one of those people.

Are You Afraid Of Success?

So, I asked myself “What keeps me from being successful?” It took me a while to come up with the answer but I realised that I was holding myself back.


Why? Well, maybe I was afraid that when I started something I would fail. Maybe I was afraid that I was not “one of those people” who get everything they go after. Maybe I felt that I didn’t deserve success in life.


The truth is that I didn’t believe that I was able. I was not able to be successful, able to be happy, or able to fully enjoy my life. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?


If you want to be truly successful in life (and who doesn’t?) then, first of all, you have to learn to believe in yourself. If you don’t think that you can be successful, then who will?


Life success does not mean that you will not fail but it means that your mistakes will teach you something and show you a better way to get what you want.


These are the tips that have helped me get over the fear of being successful and finally believe in myself:


  1. The truth about thought. Not all thoughts are true, but we can have a habit of engaging in and believing negative thoughts. We have thousands of thoughts a day and if left alone those thoughts will pass through just like clouds in the sky, with a new one popping up soon. Once you understand this, negative thoughts can lose their power
  2. Continually remind yourself that you are part of something larger than you. Fear often has to do with worrying about uncertainty, feeling out of control, and wondering what your life’s purpose is. When you realize you are part of a bigger picture, even if you don’t fully understand what that is, it’s easier to ascertain that you both deserve and need to be successful and happy.
  3. Do you take time to reflect on your life and figure out your purpose in this world? Unfortunately, most of us get so caught up in responsibilities and goals that we forget to enjoy our lives.No matter how busy you are, you must make time for yourself. It can be just 10 minutes a day, but this time must belong to you. If you give yourself the luxury of free time then you will notice that the rest of your responsibilities will get easier.You will be a better parent. You will be able to come up with creative ideas at work (and finally get that promotion.) AndYou will be able to take better care of your health. You will reduce your stress and experience the joy of living.
  4. Learn. People are always scared of what they don’t know. On my first appearance on Sky News, I was scared to death because I didn’t know anything about live television and not much about the subject of overweight people being paid less! I was forced to learn about everything and now I feel absolutely at ease with the media.If you have a fear of something you just have to educate yourself about it. It is like walking into a dark room. At first, you feel scared and don’t know what to expect but once you turn the light on, everything gets clear and simple.
  5. Live in balance. No matter how important success might seem to you, it is still important to follow it with balance. Otherwise, your journey towards success will turn into an obsession that will ruin everything that you truly love in life. 


Success is not a destination.

It’s a journey, and it’s important that we take each step feeling grounded and balanced. Spend time with your loved ones, enjoy your hobby or follow your passion, take care of your health and grow spiritually. This is the meaning of true success, the one that you can achieve only in balance.


I believe that you are able to be successful. It is your right and purpose in life to be successful in whatever you are doing. If you believe in that then nothing will ever stop you from living a balanced and joyous life.


If you know that you sometimes put the handbrake on your own success, but are READY to breakthrough your blocks and step up in your career & life, why not book a Success Breakthrough call with me using my online calendar at

Live confidently and courageously,

Jo x


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