The Worst Advice I’ve Heard About Happiness

I realise that happiness means very different things to different people, however when I recently read a blog about the path to happiness I was quite shocked.


The writer suggested that in order to be happy we need to build a picture of our perfect life and list the things we need to be happy. They could be an Aston Martin, a high-flying career, weight loss or children.


Now I’m all in favour of setting goals and having a vision or direction in life, but as I’m sure you’re aware, happiness doesn’t come from a relationship, a job or a car, but from inside us.Happiness2


You may be thinking, that’s easy for me to say, but how do I actually achieve it?


The answer is to focus on 3 things – thoughts, feelings and your attitude to life.

  1. Thoughts – We have tens of thousands of thoughts a day, that pop into our heads. some are positive, some are negative and some are “what shall I have for tea’. We don’t have control over those, but we can choose not to engage in the negative ones
  2. Feelings – Our feelings are the result of our thoughts. In the same way as thoughts, they will pass and be replaced by a different feeling. So if at anytime you are feeling uncomfortable, sit with it and remember this will pass and you are still okay.
  3. Attitude to life – This is about having the courage and confidence to go for life and take risks even when you feel insecure


When you work on all of these, you’ll find a greater contentment and happiness. Then you can still aim for that Aston Martin!







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