The 3 Risks Confident People Take

risk-takingIn the years I’ve been working with clients to build their confidence, I’ve noticed one particular characteristic that they often have. They don’t take risks.

People with low confidence don’t have belief in their abilities or their intuition. Their self-doubts stop them from stepping out of their comfort zones and doing things differently.

In contrast people with higher confidence levels take risks knowing they will be okay, whatever the outcome.

In a world that’s changing so quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take risks”

Mark Zuckerman

Here’s 3 risks that confident people take, will you take them too?

  1. They risk being hurt. Life teaches us that there will be times when we get let down, have our hearts broken or lose people we love. It’s not possible to live without being hurt. However it has it’s rewards, by risking being hurt you will also be loved, laugh and live life to the full
  2. They risk being responsible. It’s easier to blame other people or circumstances for your life not being as you’d like it. But that puts you into the role of a victim and gives away your power and positivity. Instead take responsibility for your decisions and outcomes, you will still be okay.
  3.  They risk letting go. If you live in the past and let those situations affect the present, you become disempowered. Rather than going over and over past negative experiences, let them go and take a risk to be open to new ones instead.

Well done if these are risks you are taking. If you’re struggling with any of them, that’s natural and why not contact me for a free chat.

Good luck



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