Despite Your Success Do You Still Doubt Yourself?

Achieving success in your career is a wonderful thing,
but not if you still continue to doubt yourself.

It’s the feeling that at any time you might be found out as
not being as good as they think you are.
Or being scared that you only achieved your
success out of luck or because you worked so hard.
Maybe someone else could do the job better?




Those feelings can make you anxious and stressed,
so, you spend time and energy on worrying
rather than being creative in your job.

Are you scared that others can see your self-doubt
and that they’re judging you?
What if they know that really you’re not that good, even if
they don’t say so?

The problem is…

No matter how much you achieve and how much
positive feedback or approval you get.
Unless you can quieten that Inner Critic behind your
Imposter Syndrome, you won’t feel good enough.

You’ll barely focus on your achievements and instead
overanalyse any negative feedback or criticism.

I know how anxious this can make you,
because I have felt like that.

Despite having a really successful corporate career
I would worry that the next piece of work I did wouldn’t
be good enough. That even though I had the job title and
the reward, I didn’t actually deserve it.

That drove me to work harder and to higher standards

BUT, the harder I worked, the less visible I became
and the more the self-doubts crept in.

I couldn’t understand how colleagues seemed so confident
and able to give opinions without knowing if they were right.
Or to challenge ideas without worrying that they’d got it wrong.

So I get it!

The reality is that in today’s workplace culture
doing a great job isn’t enough. You need to feel
confident and to demonstrate that confidence too.

While you’re in your head listening to your Imposter
Syndrome, that confidence is being knocked. Which
leads to anxiety and stress.

I talk to hundreds of incredible women who have enormous
potential. But, they are suffering with anxiety and stress or
holding themselves back in their career with self-doubt.

The Good News is…

You can shut up your inner critic and overcome your
feeling of being an imposter
You can build your self-belief and stop wasting time,
energy and emotion on battling yourself.

Then when senior people and colleagues recognise
your ability and potential you’ll agree and realise that
you are good enough.

So, if you’re ready to send your Imposter syndrome packing
and replace it with the freedom of self-belief.
Then click the link below to book a call with me and
we can create a plan to cure you of the imposter.

I can’t wait to get started!


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